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Higreen Organic Dehydration Pvt. Ltd was established in 2016 from the same experienced and well versed owner of Vasundhara Green Dehydration Pvt. Ltd. Which was established in the year 2010 and has started manufacturing in the year 2013. Reason for Establishing Higreen Organic Dehydration Pvt. Ltd is to boost the market share of our wide range of dehydrated nutritional product indigenously and internationally, we have done research and development on the quality of raw materials from different vendors who supply best quality of fruits and vegetables. With an aim of providing fine grade of dehydrated fruits and vegetables by adopting sophisticated processing technology and according to international processing norms in line with Food and Drug Regulations.

With its exclusive focus on Technology of drying process at Room Temperature, Vasundhara Green Dehydration Pvt. Ltd. has acquired the skills to apply this technology to a number of food products such as fruits, vegetables and Herbs.

Dehydration is the process to reduce the water content of fruits to increase its storage time. It also helps in enhancing the soluble solids content by lowering enzymatic activities. Procured from highly reliable vendors, these products have excellent nutritional content and are grown in hygienic organic farms. Owning their own farms, the vendors of our firm have appointed some of the best farmers to work on their land. These farmers are well versed with the modern techniques of farming, which enables our vendors to come up with properly grown fruits.

Ever since our inception, we have been moving forward on the path of glory through uplifting the quality of our products from time and again. Meanwhile, we put serious efforts on research and development as it helps us to produce the products according to the latest market trends. Further, our products are tested on several quality parameters which not only enhance their quality but also make them free from side effects.


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